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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Book Review : Where She Went by Gayle Forman

Pages : 264

Read on : Kindle

Review:  This is one of those rare series where the second book has outdone the first and that seems to have been the general consensus on Goodreads.

So after 'If I Stay' left us hanging at the end, Mia survives and makes a full recovery. Fast forward 3 years , She's now the rising star of Julliard. What happened to Adam Wilde you ask? This whole book is his side of the story. Who ever said boys have no emotions , has not read this book!

The confusion and bewilderment that Mia's unspoken departure from Adam's life seems to have deep rooted itself over the years.  Adam Wilde , who's finally making it big with his band Shooting Star, seems to face emptiness and even to some extend confusion that has only been suppressed by his focus on Music. Despite years passing by , trying to stay completely detached from Mia and having a stable girlfriend , it's evident that the band's  critically acclaimed album Collateral Damage was fueled mostly by the part depression that Mia's absence had left him with.

As mentioned in the previous post , Adam even after success doesn't portray wild rock star tendencies , although he does get easily frustrated by questions or jibs put to him pertaining the past.

What made me prefer this book over 'If I Stay' is because all of Adam's emotions and frustrations are genuine. It fathomed to me that people do fall out of love with music , something teenage Adam thought was the ultimate goal of his life. It subtly yet perfectly manages to put across how being with that band at all time makes you crave personal space and all the effort it takes to still stick together. 

The simplicity of the book yet the fast paced descriptions of  all that Adam feels in those 24 hours with Mia are extremely accurate to what an ordinary person would feel. The speechlessness, the urge to touch her , the force of unanswered questions gushing out of him , all precise, all normal, all relatable.

For once I see Mia as a stronger character , taking a stand and being bold. Throughout the book Mia takes the lead  and takes Adam from what she would have considered a friendly round. Of course her reasons to hate and love Adam are still weighed on the degree of loss they both faced in the tragedy that struck. More dilemmas.

So far the book seemed great. BUT the downside and the only flaw for my morbid self was at the end of their day , Mia and Adam fall back in love! Why?! It's was pretty obvious that both seemed to be walking on eggshells and were putting up a front but I personally would have loved this book even more had the whole cliched rekindled romance had not taken place and both had gone their separate ways.

Ah well, I guess that's the way it's set to be. 

Final Rating : 4/5

May be it really is true , we depart to meet again. :)

خُدا حافِظ

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