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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Crimson Venom

Artist : Sung Jin Kim

She walks down the street all by herself , lost in thought . The sun gleams overhead . She barely notices it and keeps walking . Everyone around her looks at her. It was hard not. She wasn't meant to be lost in the crowd. She always shone, she was born to standout.
She doesn't know this. She doesn't know how her presence itself meant she wasn't ordinary. Beauty lies in modesty. She never thought of herself as pretty yet everyone called her beautiful.
Faces pass her everyday. Some take a fleeting glimpse at her. Some would try to hold her gaze and look into to her soul. Well , they tried. She would let them, let them look into her face , into her hazel eyes. They couldn't resist touching her face. They would reach out for her , touch her skin tenderly, with gentle fingertips they'd caress her cheeks , her chin , her neck , down her back then stop at her waist. They pull her close and steal kisses from her lips.
They can't stop . They want more , hungrily trying to devour her like crumbling a rose in their fists. She can't give in. It feels unnatural, plastic. But they can't stop now. They don't realize that they're getting poisoned. Poisoned by crimson lips, one that makes you crave it more. This venom cannot be purged out of their skin even if they wanted to. Oh but it tastes so sweet , you can't stop yourself from drinking it.
She pushes them away , cuts off supply. Still in their light-headed haze they reach out for her. They want her. They don't know she's not anyone's to keep. She belongs to no one but herself.
She looks up at them with her hazel eyes. , presses a finger to their lips.
They melt.
She walks away. Back into the crowd.

خُدا حافِظ

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