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Friday, 18 December 2015

Book Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

Pages :  369

Read on : Kindle

Review:  At some point, I do feel should rename my blog as 'Unpopular Opinions'. I hate hype. It builds up such expectations that I unconsciously set a standard that most hyped things fail to meet. Miserably.

All right, so I picked up The Martian after all the fuss about how amazing the film was and I'm sure it was to non-readers but prejudice aside, I did follow that unspoken rule of 'Book before Movie' and I was left puzzled. 

I'm not a big sci-fi kinda gal. Outer space does excite the nerd in me and so I picked this book up hoping it would seriously please my space-loving soul. (No pun intended). First of all, let's start by saying, this book is way too science-y and I get a feeling that technically most of it aren't even the right calculations. 

Watney is annoying. Honestly, he sounds like a whiney geeky kid unfortunately left behind by his friends at lunch. Okay Okay, I get it, He's stuck on Mars but come on! I can't possibly be the only one having a problem with the way it was written. The language was way too casual for something as grave as leaving a man behind, the smart interjections were good, no doubt just the 'Yaay Me!' and other catch-phrases seem stupidly immature for an astronaut. His wit did come handy to him eventually we can see that and how.

Nonetheless, it was an engrossing book because it's this situation that you kind of give up hope on right from the very beginning. You want to know what will happen eventually and it's something you can't wait to reach the end just to know what happens. Since this is a spoiler-free review, I will not be in-depth with the details. 

A little over the top, too technical, slightly dramatic and a good unbelievable chunk thrown in - makes it quite Bollywood to me.

Final Rating : 3/5
خُدا حافِظ

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