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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Book Review: The Final Empire ( Mistborn Book 1 ) by Brandon Sanderson

Pages :  541

Read on : Kindle

Review:  It's very rare that a fantasy novel impresses me so much. The Final Empire is filled with genuine-ness. Don't get me wrong, I love reading fantasy but there's always that inevitable whiny lead character that puts a damper on the whole story. This is different. One of those rare gems where each and every character is so beautiful and amazing at the same time that when I imagine them, it's easier for me to see them as individuals with their own variant personality

My favorite characters were Vin and Sazed, well, for obvious reasons. Vin was probably one of the best female characters I have come across. She's clueless but isn't dumb. At the same time doesn't try to be over-smart  As dormant as she is you can see her as observant and strong with her instincts which mostly do turn out right.

She isn't one of those characters who is seen as meek and timid throughout with a sudden surge of power. You can see as she's been part of a thieving group, she stays in the shadows and her potential is well realized in the book. Same goes for Sazed. Even though he is there to wait on her, his intelligence and wit will not diminish his value. He's smart, loyal, well-opinionated and most strikingly, a eunuch. I was floored. I have never read a book ever featuring a eunuch and Brandon Sanderson should be applauded for this absolutely stunning character. He gives them power; equal to the other sexes instead  patronizing them.

Getting down to the plot. The concept is based on the usage of metals. Allomancy and Feruchemy are how the characters get power. They swallow metals which in-turn generates a certain strength. Similarly, combination of metals are used to release special powers too. The author has researched well into the subject and has produced such convincing elements that I almost believed them to be real. Kelsier, his army along with Vin and Sazed are using this power to overthrow the Lord Ruler who is keeping the ordinary people of the Final Kingdom deprived and suppressed. The world no longer lush and vibrant like it used to be, ash falls from the sky, basically a dark fantasy world. There are some points in the book that were more conversation/brain-storming based that felt like a drag on. Other than that, each and every character is firm in persona and engaging.

Lengthy but definitely a must-read by all fantasy lovers.

Final Rating : 4/5

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  1. I've always wanted to read this series. Thanks for the review and for reminding me to get myself a copy of this book!

    1. It is a fantastic book! Since fantasy and dystopia is so played with, Brandon Sanderson has a very refreshing take on it. Hope you love the book as much as I did.